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A long-held wish, a forbidden magic spell and a kidnapping propel 10-year-old James Bell and his family into an adventure beyond belief. At the moment of the lunar eclipse on the stroke of midnight the World is to be sold. Armed with only the power of his imagination and the contents of his money box, James must challenge the greed of the mighty Bogus Corporation, a sinister bank and the mysterious Gnomes of Zurich in a race against time to stop the sale and prevent the destruction of childhood.
[Fairy Story] "will make you wish you could go back to the magical time of childhood where anything is possible, as it surely is in this book." Masquerade Crew [4-Star] Review.

"An incredible story. Such an interesting world to dive into, with great twists and turns. A mesmerizing read for young and old." Amazon Reader [5-Star] Review.

"Clearly recognizable strands from many familiar stories deftly woven into a new presentation of sin, bravery, adventure, greed and fear. The modern world of Area 51, cell phones, jets and missiles is mixed with Cinderella almost seamlessly. Like all good stories, a basic morality carries the protagonists down their allotted path to an age-old predictable end (which all good stories do). An end for all with another chapter tantalizingly around the corner." Amazon Reader [5 Star] Review.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Standard Banking Procedure

At the centre of the dungeon beneath the bank an elderly man was stretched out on a rack, wrists and ankles tied with heavy rope. A masked goblin, his muscular torso glistening with sweat, heaved on a ratchet, cranking up the infernal contraption notch by notch.
“Did you authorize this brutality?” demanded Mr. Bell.
“Brutality?” The banker tut-tutted, signalling the masked goblin to stop. “This is standard banking procedure—and very cost-effective." He sighed. "Mind you, it has rather taken the sport out of writing all those threatening letters. Many’s the happy hour I’ve spent agonizing over whether to torment some poor fool with public humiliation or a visitation of pustulent boils upon his bratlings.”
“What’s the Baron done?” asked Laura.
“Defaulted on his mortgage,” said the banker. “Isn’t that right, Smallprint?”
“A regrettable business. But the terms of the Baron’s mortgage are crystal clear." The lawyer squinted through a powerful magnifying glass at the document he was holding. “Our bank is quite within its rights to recover all it can.”